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The NBA Should Add Refs To Games

The NBA continues to show what a joke it is when it comes to officiating. After watching the Miami Heat take on the Boston Celtics last night, it was evident the NBA Refs wanted to decide the outcome. Some of the non calls were hilarious bad, and then some of the calls that were made were hilariously bad. So what’s the issue?

I’m starting to think if the NBA added 2 more officials to the games, it could help. Look, I can understand basketball being a tough sport to ref, but come on- some of this stuff is awful. Could it be that refs are tired running up and down with the players all night long and getting out of position? Could it be not enough eye balls on bang bang plays?

That’s where adding a few refs could help things. I’m not going to get into where they would position themselves, but maybe keeping a few guys on each baseline at all time, in charge of calling anything underneath, could really help things. Baseball and the NFL have officials all over the place, and the MLB expands umpires into the World Series. I think it’s time for the NBA to at least take a look at fixing the problem.

It’s no fun watching refs rob teams of wins and losses. I’m a huge Bulls fan and have had major problems with officials for the last 3 seasons. It looks like the NBA has an agenda to play out, and it’s likely that reputation won’t be shed anytime soon.

Will adding refs help? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. But wouldn’t it be worth to try it out at some point?