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The Portland Trail Blazers Have An Interest In Steve Nash, Yet Would It Actually Work?

Steve Nash has been one of the most outstanding offensive point guards statistically offensively over the last eight seasons and in that span he has won two Most Valuable Player Awards. Yet, for Nash his window for a NBA championship is closing rapidly at 38-years of age and he will likely find himself no longer in a Phoenix Suns uniform next season. One team that has shown interest in Nash is the Portland Trail Blazers, a team that is looking to upgrade the point guard position after Raymond Felton had a very disappointing season in his first year with the team and likely his only season as he is a unrestricted free agent.

A benefit that Nash adds to the Trail Blazers would be to run the pick-and-roll with LaMarcus Aldridge and Aldridge would become scarier offensively, Nash would also help spread the floor, which means Wesley Matthews would get more open opportunities from beyond the arc and so would Nicolas Batum if he is re-signed. Also, can see Luke Babbitt playing a similar role as Channing Frye. A major benefit that Portland offers is that it’s closer to Nash’s home in Vancouver, British Columbia.

There are some reasons why the move does not make sense for the Trail Blazers and one reason is that there system is not suited for Nash. The Trail Blazers are a team that offensively slows the pace down, where Nash thrives in the open court. If forced to slow down, Nash tends to turn the ball over and is not nearly as effective as he is in the open court. Due to Nash’s age he will also need to rest and can give 30-34 minutes a night, which means the Trail Blazers would need a capable backup to Nash, so he can rest. The Trail Blazers are also a good defensive team, which is the opposite for Nash who is a defensive liability and that could lead to foul trouble for the big men.

With both positives and negatives for the Trail Blazers in acquiring Nash, the negatives outweigh the positives. Nash’s inability to play at a slower pace system, his need for rest and lack of defense does not fit what the Trail Blazers need in a point guard. There’s nothing wrong with showing interest in him, yet actually acquiring him is a much different story.