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Boston Celtics Bench Players Need To Be Road Warriors

The Boston Celtics got some great performances in game number four of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat from their core stars. However, it was the bench players for Boston that may have tipped the scales in Boston’s favor. Miami got nothing from their reserves (I do not count Udonis Haslem because he is clearly a guy that gets more minutes than Joel Anthony) as Boston’s bench sparkled. Keyon Dooling not only played great defense, but buried big shots for ten points. Mickael Pietrus provided solid defense on LeBron James, but crashed the boards and provided two huge rebounds in overtime to help Boston secure the win. Marquis Daniels also despite having some hiccups down the stretch played some solid minutes on the defensive end and even managed to bother Dwayne Wade just enough for him to miss what would have been a game winning three.

It is not easy for bench guys to play well on the road. This fact may be due to the lack of crowd energy to get them going, lack of comfort at the arena, or even not sleeping in their own bed before the game. Boston’s guys need to overcome this. They need to give Boston the same effort in game five that was their in game five. They do not need to put up huge stats, but they do need to fill their roles. Dooling needs to get a few baskets with tough defense provided. The same can be said for Daniels. Pietrus’s offense would be nice, but his defense and tough rebounding is more than enough.

The team that has got the better bench play has won the game. The fact is in order for Boston to have a real shot at stealing game five in Miami Boston’s reserves need to be road warriors. They need to play like they did in Boston rather than the first two games in Miami. If they do Boston will be heading into a clinching game for themselves in game six in Boston. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!