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Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Pushes Miami To Brink

The so called NBA experts all had the Miami Heat down for a big win in the pivotal game five of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. The Boston Celtics are too old and the Miami Heat had not really had their best game of the series yet and at home they were primed for just that. Dwayne Wade was going to finally go off in this series and beat Boston by himself. Chris Bosh was going to return and stem the tide. LeBron James was going to be an absolute beast according to these NBA “geniuses”. The problem for the Miami Heat was no one bothered to tell Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett that he was not going to win this game because KG would exert his will on this game and push Miami to the brink of elimination.

KG turned back to the clock to the KG of 2008. He absolutely dominated Miami in the offensive end with a display of athleticism that many thought were no longer in his bag of tricks. KG made a conservative effort to spend a lot of time in the paint at the offensive end and he would collect offensive rebounds (3 offensive rebounds) and a ton of dunks. KG would get these dunks by sprinting up the floor or cutting to the basket quick to get the jump on his man. After the quick cut KG would finish strong with monster dunk after monster dunk. KG even would go up and get a few ally oops from Rondo. If Garnett was just dunking the ball, Miami might have had a shot to win. The problem was KG also had his sweet mid range jump shot falling. After decimating the Heat for 26 points, Miami is still searching for answers on how to stop him.

KG also was the presence that Boston needed in the paint. KG would be the guy that grabbed the big rebound or made the key defensive play. KG’s KG would even avenge LeBron James’s taunting in game one by rejecting him for a big defensive stop in the fourth quarter. KG would also once agin be the only guy securing the defensive boards as his eight defensive rebounds were easily tops for Boston.

However, the biggest aspect KG brought to Boston was his attitude. KG was the guy that refused to lose this game. KG’s attitude resonated to the rest of the team as it was Boston that would make the right plays down the stretch and prove to be mentally tougher than the Heat. KG was the guy diving on the floor and fighting for every position. When Miami would go on their runs and go up nine to ten points, it was KG that would come back and just calmly make big plays. KG would be the guy that buried the big jump shot in the fourth to give Boston the lead. It would be KG hitting huge free throws that LBJ can only dream of hitting. The 18 second half points were all big in this tightly played second half of game five.

The bottom line is the team that was going to be swept by the Miami Heat according to the so called experts is now one home win away from sending Miami back to South Beach until next October. The main reason for this is one Kevin Garnett. Let the renaissance of KG continue. Remember Go Green Or Go Home.