Charlotte Bobcats Do Not Own

By Kris Hughes

Over the course of the past few seasons, the lowly Charlotte Bobcats have firmly established themselves as one of the NBA’s worst franchises. From the poor play on the court, to inept management by former Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan, the Bobcats are a laughing stock in more ways that one.

Given this, it’s hardly surprising to find out that the team doesn’t even own it’s own primary website domain,

If you visit the page, you’ll find a strange website for a film and art studio using the name, Charlotte Bobcats.

Here’s a screenshot of their landing page:


Uh, weird.

Apparently, a pair of business partners from Syracuse, New York bought the domain when for some reason it became available in January 2003, and summarily rejected several half-hearted attempts by the Bobcats to buy the domain back which included an offer for lifetime free tickets– ironically, an offer which these days is hardly worth the paper the tickets would have been printed on.

With all the leverage in the world, the business partners decided to hold onto the domain, especially after recognizing the traffic it could bring their projects simply by random Google searches by those looking for the actual Bobcats website.

Damn genius if you ask me.

The company specializes in parody commercials of major products which would never be subject to traditional advertising. That, in and of itself is as smart as it gets.

The Bobcats didn’t have enough foresight to secure their own domain name at the franchise’s birth and someone else has used it to capitalize on their own dreams.

If that’s not an example of entrepreneurship and comedy, I don’t know what is.

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