ESPN NBA Page Posts Picture Claiming Miami Heat 1 Game Away from Finals

By Jeff Shull

ESPN seems to be messing up their headlines quite a bit of late, but the NBA Facebook page took it to a different level tonight. Despite Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals still in the balance, the “NBA on ESPN” Facebook page posted the picture above, claiming the Miami Heat were one game away from the Finals.

Little did they know, Paul Pierce is still The Truth.

The game was back and forth in the fourth quarter, but at no point did it look like the Heat were running away with the game. Obviously the NBA people at ESPN likely had two different pictures ready to be posted for the headline when the game ended, but somebody got premature with their trigger finger (well, mouse-pointer finger, but trigger sounds better).

Ironically they could have posted a picture of the Boston Celtics being one game away from the Finals prior to the game ending. When Pierce stepped back and nailed an absolute dagger three-pointer in LeBron James‘ face, the game felt over. There were only 52 seconds left when he hit it, and the Heat were only down four, but with their late-game struggles it didn’t seem as though the Heat had a comeback in them.

That turned out to be the case as Boston nailed their free throws down the stretch, preventing any late-game heroics. The Celtics now have a commanding lead in the series. Teams that win Game 5 in a series tied at 2-2 win the series 83 percent of the time. The series shifts back to Boston, and it will be hard to bet against the veteran group.


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