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Paul Pierce Clinches Game 5 With Three Pointer In LeBron James’s Face

Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics is one of the best clutch shooters in the game.  In a tightly contested Game 5 against the Miami Heat, Pierce ended any hope of a Miami comeback by sticking a three right in the face of LeBron James.  This gave the Celtics a four point lead, which they did not let go.

Paul Pierce is absolute money on shots like that.  No matter how bad he may be playing, he will still want the ball in those positions.  That is what makes him a cold blooded killer.  If you need a guy to make a big shot, the Truth is a great option.  I would honestly take him over almost anyone else in the league.  That is how clutch the man is.

Paul Pierce may have delivered the final death blow to the Miami Heat season.  They now have to pull out a Game 6 victory in Boston to stay alive.  That is not going to be an easy task.  They need to be focused 100 percent to do something like that.  If the Celtics have any pride, they will not let the Heat get new life on Boston’s home court.

Paul Pierce certainly earned his nickname Tuesday.  That big jumper was really the truth.  If you can not stop Paul Pierce, you can not beat the Celtics.  They have opened up an easy road to the NBA Finals and they will be lead by the man who has been a Celtic for life.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.