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Rajon Rondo Calls Out The Miami Heat; Says They Complain And Cry


During halftime, in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Rajon Rondo called out the Miami Heat and their whining ways on national television. ESPN’s Doris Burke interviewed Rondo before he headed to the locker room and asked him, “what holes are you exploiting in the Heat’s defense as part of Boston’s offensive outburst.” Rondo replied, “Them complaining and crying to the referees in transition.”

Video: Watch Rondo Call The Miami Heat Complainers and Crybabies

Sorry Heat fans, but it’s the truth, and I’m glad someone finally had the nerve to say something. I understand the Heat have 2 superstars on their team. I understand that the elite get the benefit of the doubt in this league. However, things have gone too far in favor of Miami, or Cryimai as I like to call it.

I’m sure some of you will just call me a hater, or tell me I just don’t like LeBron James or Dwyane Wade. Which really isn’t all that false. However, the reality is, I would be calling out the Boston Celtics, the Oklahoma City Thunder, or the San Antonio Spurs as well if they did this much complaining, but they don’t. As an avid NBA fan, all I want is good basketball, not a free throw contest. Let’s face facts here folks. Sure, the officiating has been bad on both sides, but do you have any idea how lopsided it really has been this series, and pretty much all of the playoffs for the Heat?

Let’s take a look back at the past 15 Heat playoff games. During this playoff run, the Miami Heat have been whistled for 297 personal fouls. Their opponent has been whistled for 377 personal fouls. The Heat have shot a MASSIVE 446 free throws during the playoffs while their competition has only attempted 347 free throws.

I’m no math wiz, but that means the Heat average 30 free throws a game during the playoffs. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade argue every single play that they are involved with and the act is getting old if you ask me. In no way, shape, or form, should they be arguing calls when they are getting numbers like this. As a matter of fact, LeBron fouled out in Game 4. That’s the first time he has fouled out as a member of the Miami Heat. That means he hasn’t fouled out in over 2.5 years. I can see if he was being whistled to death by the refs, and he is getting tired of it, but that’s not the case. Same goes for Wade, who gets away with almost everything. Don’t agree, look at this picture from Game 2, which was not called a foul by the NBA refs. Hmmm

I don’t know what the deal is with the NBA refs, I don’t know if they get a memo that tells them to ignore the antics of these two or what, but something has to be done. The Heat have been called for four technical fouls in these playoffs. Their opponents…..22. Now, I understand the Celtics and Pacers have a lot of loudmouths, but 18 more than the Heat? The way LeBron and Wade argue, you would think this discrepancy would shrink, but it doesn’t.

Rajon Rondo didn’t stop at halftime either, after the Celtics won in overtime 93-91, he was interviewed by Burke again. She asked him if he thought there would be any repercussions for his comments at halftime. He quickly replied, “What I said was true. I don’t take back what I said. That’s what it is.”

Heat head coach, Erik Spoelstra commented on the situation on Monday saying, “I could really care less — couldn’t care less about what another player has to say about our team. The deeper you get into a competitive series, the more people say, the more noise there tends to be.”

Celtics coach Doc Rivers wasn’t very direct when asked about the situation, and rightfully so. The way the things go for the Heat, he probably feared a phantom technical foul or a fine. He was asked about Rajon Rondo’s comments and if he sees the complaining by the Heat when he watches film. “We watch a lot of film, I’ll just stop there,” he said. “Other than that, I don’t make comments on that. I mean, Rondo is very emotional, we like him to be intense. Obviously, if that motivates anybody else, that motivates anybody else. But if you need motivation at this point, there’s something wrong anyway. As far as what he said, I’ll leave that alone. I’ll just leave it there.”

I really wouldn’t be surprised if Rondo gets a small fine for his comments. The Heat are David Stern’s puppets, and it’s clear that nobody can touch them, not even the officials. I’m proud of Rondo saying what everyone was really thinking since the playoffs started. I’m sick of seeing LeBron James and Wade act like someone kidnapped their loved ones every time a foul is called. They don’t get that many calls go against them in the first place, so man up and play the game.

Is this really the example we want to set for young children who want to play the game? To argue each and every foul that’s called against them? Aren’t fouls part of the game? Why do these two get so offended by personal fouls? Whatever the reason, I’m glad Rajon Rondo did what he did. Showed that us fans aren’t the only ones that see this sad display of character by these two divas, and the favoritism being played by the officials. And for this, I applaud the young point guard for speaking his mind.

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