Boston Celtics Mickael Pietrus Is The Latest Hero For Boston

By Rob Nelson

Every Boston Celtics win in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals over the Miami Heat has had a reserve step up and play big for the team. Game three saw Marquis Daniels come into the game after being buried on the bench to hit huge shots cutting to the basket to help propel Boston for the first win of the series. Game two saw Keyon Dooling shoot some big shots on his way to double digits in scoring as Boston would tie the series. If Boston was going to win this pivotal game five in Miami, they would need one of their bench guys to help support the effort from the starters. The Boston Celtics did indeed get the kind of game they needed from one Mickael Pietrus.

Pietrus has been solid this entire series on the defensive end. He has not provided much offense thanks in large part that his role is to defend LeBron James and make him work. This does not mean that this all Pietrus has done as evidence by his five huge rebounds in the game four win that evened the series. However, last night Pietrus let his stroke do all his talking.

Pietrus would bury big shot after big shot including two dagger three point shots in the second half on his way to 13 points on 5-8 shooting. The offense was needed as guys like Ray Allen were effectively silenced for the most part by Miami’s perimeter defense that seemed hell bent on not getting beat by the three ball at times (kind of ironic that Boston still made them pay numerous times for getting lazy on that front). When Pietrus was not draining big threes, he was smart enough to recognize mismatches and take it strong to the hoop like when he found an injured Chris Bosh covering him on the perimeter and drove by him for an easy basket.

When Pietrus plays great defense and makes LeBron work at the defensive end, his job was done. When he adds solid shooting and double digits points on top of that defense, he is clearly stepping up his game and being a hero in a Boston win. The next question is who will be the hero in game six? Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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