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Kevin Durant Helps The Thunder Advance To The NBA Finals And Hugs His Mom To Celebrate

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder is possibly the favorite son of the basketball world.  He had another dominating performance to lead the Thunder past the San Antonio Spurs and into the NBA Finals.  After it was clear the game was in hand, Durant shared a great moment with his mom as he gave her a huge hug.

See, this is why everyone loves Kevin Durant.  He is so personable.  People tend to call Derrick Rose the humblest player in basketball, but Durant is right there as well.  Both players care so much about the game and so little about everything else.  Sharing that moment with his mom is clearly special to him.  His family has supported him the entire way and he wanted to spend it with them.

Kevin Durant is basically everything that people want LeBron James to be, but that can never happen.  There always needs to be a rival that is the complete opposite.  Durant and LeBron are always going to be linked.  It looks like Durant will get his first title before LeBron does, but they will always be compared to each other.

Back to Kevin Durant, however.  He has grown up before our eyes this season.  Last year, he kind of faded in the playoffs.  This year, he was dominant whenever his team needed him to be.  That is the sign of a true superstar.  He is one of the best players on the planet and he got to show it in front of his family.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.