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Mickael Pietrus Has No Interest In A Late Game Boston Celtics Huddle

Mickael Pietrus of the Boston Celtics made a couple of big threes against the Miami Heat Tuesday night.  However, he seems to be able to do it without paying attention to the team huddles.  With Boston nursing a 94-90 lead, the team was huddled together, but Pietrus was not paying attention.  Kevin Garnett tried to get him to pay attention, but it only worked for about three seconds.

I mean, whatever it takes I guess.  Mickael Pietrus is able to make clutch shots while not paying attention.  I bet a lot of players wish they could they pull off stuff like that without actually paying attention.  If the Celtics get anything from Pietrus at all, it helps them a ton.  If that means he has to stare off into space for during a huddle, more power to him.

If the Celtics advance to the NBA Finals, Mickael Pietrus will have to play a decent role.  They need someone to spell their starting guards.  Pietrus is the best option that they have.  If he doesn’t show up, they have no shot at winning the title.  You may have to deal with odd things like this, but I think a title would be well worth him not paying attention.

I would have not expected that Mickael Pietrus would make a couple of big shots, but I guess that is why they play the game.  Maybe it inflated his ego and he decided not to pay attention.  Either way, its a great video.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.