The Miami Heat Should Execute A Dwyane Wade Trade After This Season

By Riley Schmitt

A Dwyane Wade trade is almost blasphemy to Miami Heat fans.  He brought them a title in 2006 and is seen as responsible for bringing the Big Three to Miami.  However, after his erratic play during the Boston Celtics series, the Heat should try to move him in order to add more pieces.

Most people think that Chris Bosh should be the first guy traded from the Big Three.  However, he can coexist with LeBron James.  I am not sure that Wade can.  That means a Dwyane Wade trade could add more pieces to the team.  If you ship Wade out, you can add a good center and a good point guard.  That would be a perfect model to win titles.

A Dwyane Wade trade would be extremely unpopular in Miami but some times you have to make tough moves in order to improve your team.  Wade has shown that he wants to spend more time whining to the officials than running back on defense and helping his team.  His effort is not very good at all and it is going to hurt him in the long run.  You need him to be focused for the Heat to win, but he drifts in and out too much.

It probably will not happen, but a Dwyane Wade trade could push the Heat to a higher level.  He could easily fetch some key pieces for the team.  You can win more titles with LeBron, but Wade is on his way down.  Move him now and win titles later.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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