Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Confuses KG And Rondo For KJ And Hondo

By Riley Schmitt

Thomas Menino is the mayor of Boston and he probably does a good job of doing whatever it is that mayors do.  However, he might want to brush up on his Boston Celtics.  Menino was asked about the team and said the team is led by KJ and Hondo.  I am assuming he meant KG and Rondo because Kevin Johnson and John Havlicek do not play for the Celtics.

This terrible faux pas is going viral and Thomas Menino has to feel awful about it.  If he does not, well that would explain a lot.  We do not expect politicians to know a lot about sports, but it makes them more personable if they do.  Menino certainly isn’t winning fans if he can not get the two of the best players on the Celtics called by their right names.

I wonder what Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo think about these comments by Thomas Menino.  Maybe this will serve as motivation for both of them.  They seem to play a lot better when they are angry about something.  This might just add more fuel to the fire that is KG.  I would hate to be compared to Johnson too.  Guy couldn’t walk up a flight of steps without hurting his knee.

As for Rondo, getting compared to Hondo would actually be a great compliment.  I am not sure if he would take it that way, but he just might.  Maybe Thomas Menino is a super motivator and we just do not know about it.

All I know is that I would have serious doubt about Thomas Menino in the future.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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