Rudy Gay Is On The Trading Block, Charlotte Bobcats Offering No. 2 Overall Pick

By Joshua Casey

The Charlotte Bobcats finished the 2011-2012 NBA season with the worst winning percentage in NBA history, and yet after all the bad luck they endured they still could not catch a break at the NBA lottery. The Bobcats wound up with the second pick overall in the 2012 NBA draft and, coincidentally the NBA owned NewOrleans Hornets wound up with the first. So now that the Bobcats hopes of acquiring their franchise cornerstone, Anthony Davis, are gone, they will be looking to acquire someone who can score on the perimeter, and play solid defense.

One of the players that fits this mold is Kentucky’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist who, although was not that much of a scorer on the perimeter at Kentucky, was a very solid defender and offensive rebounder (something that the Bobcats could definitely use). But picking Gilchrist, who still has many holes in his game, at number 2 overallmay not be the right choice for the Bobcats, rather they may want to go the route of acquiring a seasoned veteran such as Rudy Gay.

Gay, according to some information being floated around, has definitely been put on the trading block and the Bobcats are also reportedly interested in acquiring him. Now although Gay would definitely be a boost for the Bobcats offense, the possibility of acquiring Gilchrist, or someone else who could turn out to be better than Gay in the future, is one that the Bobcats are also willing to entertain. Reportedly the Bobcats interest in acquiring Gay has only been talk between them and the Grizzlies, and nothing more.

At this point in his tenure with the Bobcats Michael Jordan really needs to put a team on the floor that can compete. The Bobcats, after a 7-59 season, are already the laughing stock of the NBA, and going through another horrible season will definitely not help matters. With the sort of intensity that Jordan has I have a feeling that losing, whether it be as a player, or owner, does not bode well with him. Any move that Jordan does, even if the choice is not made by him directly (like the Adam Morrison pick which was not made by Jordan but rather Bernie Bickerstaff), is going to be nitpicked to the core. At this point Jordan cannot afford to make any wrong moves.


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