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Boston Celtics Doc Rivers Has Reason For Hope Despite Blowout Loss

The Boston Celtics were primed to move on to their third NBA Finals in five years. The team was coming off a big road win and was coming home to play in front of their raucous crowd eager to cheer them on to victory. The problem for Boston was that one man that suffered through years of torment and built up frustration at Boston’s hands exploded for a piece of retribution. the Celtics “Big Four” decided to play the worst game of their post season career, and of course David Stern’s henchman made sure the crucial calls went all Miami’s way. The result was the Celtics got pounded by Miami to a 19 point home blowout loss. Despite the fact that Boston got crushed, Doc Rivers should still feel real good going into game seven against the Heat in Miami.

The first reason Doc should feel good is the simple fact that I do not believe that LeBron James will replicate his amazing 45 point performance that he had in game six. I will give the devil his due. LeBron was far from the guy that shied away from the big moment as he torched Boston with huge shots time and time again. Most of his damage was done with jump shots. LeBron was on fire as he hit his mid range and long bomb like he was Michael Jordan. The simple fact is LeBron is not Jordan. This is why Doc Rivers should be feeling good about game seven.

Anyone that has followed LeBron’s career knows that LeBron is just not consistent enough a shooter to score like that against Boston’s defense. His form as far as release point is just always changing and this means he will have great games like that and sub par games shooting the ball. Game six was the one in ten that he lights it up. He might score 30 and probably will, but it will be from the line or off the drive rather than hit dagger shots off a great contest. People forget that he had this kind of game in 2010 during game three of the playoff series against Boston. The next three nights the shot was back to normal and he was sent home. This is fifteen less Miami points to worry about and Doc should feel great about that.

The other fact is the Celtics “Big Four” played wretched. This was to me the worst performance from the team in this current group’s tenure. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett missed easy shot after easy shot. The missed open jump shots from both were bad, but they also missed key drives in the paint. As bad as they were at least I knew they were on the court. Ray Allen was invisible. Granted I know he is hurt, but he had zero impact on either end of the floor. Rajon Rondo had solid stats, but he was very sloppy with seven huge turnovers that killed a lot of momentum for Boston. I highly doubt that in a game that could be their last together that they will not play one of their best games. Heck, they could not play worse so even a sub par game from three of them with one going off would be better than that awful performance.

This game is also an easy game for Doc Rivers to fire these boys up. The media clearly will have Boston in the deserved underdog role that they have thrived in all season. Doc will have the this is it for us card to play for even more incentive. Doc can also draw on the fact that these men together have had great success in game sevens during their tenure so pressure is not going to be an issue in Boston for Doc to worry about.

The bottom line is the Celtics blew game six, but they have a shot in game seven. This game will be a lot closer with LeBronze coming down to at least the beginning of the Earth’s atmosphere and the Celtics playing much better. I still believe the Boston Celtics will pull off the upset in game seven. I just do not see this group losing twice in their swan song against a team that they have owned this year. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!