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Top 10 NBA Clutch Shots From The 2011-2012 Regular Season

The 2011-2012 NBA regular season was a great one.  Although the lockout kind of screwed things up, there are some great moments from the season.  In fact, we have video courtesy of the league that has the Top 10 NBA clutch shots from the season.

As you should note, top 10 NBA clutch shots do not mean game winners or buzzer beaters.   Other shots can fall under the clutch description.  A big three to tie the game late?  That is clutch.  Clutch is an extremely overused word but that does not mean the shots are not fun to watch.

You see a lot of usual suspects on this list.  The best players in the league tend to make the most clutch shots, unless you are LeBron James or any member of the Miami Heat for that matter.  Kevin Durant makes a couple of appearances along with some other stars.

The league has done a great job with these videos that are wrapping up the past regular season.  It was certainly the wackiest season in recent memory, but it was still fun.  The injuries may have sucked and some tanking killed good moments, but it was overall a fun season.  The 66 game season was refreshing and it could be a long term thing if they add more breaks.

These Top 10 NBA clutch shots from the regular season are a must watch for any basketball fan.  If you like stars responding under pressure, you will love this video.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.