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2011-2012 NBA All Overrated Team

What makes a player overrated? The way they are perceived by fans, media, or the league? I’m going to say a bit of all three of those aspects make up the rating of a player. Without further ado, let’s get into the 2011-2012 NBA all overrated team:

PG- Derrick Rose 

This guy is good, don’t get me wrong. Rose is without a doubt a top 5 point guard, and a top 10 player in  the NBA. It’s just the nerve of some people that call him the best point guard in the league by far, or a top 5 player in the league that make him immensely overrated.

Him winning MVP in 2011 was apparently justified because his team won the Eastern Conference. However, this year Rose was injured for a huge part of the season and his Chicago Bulls still lead the Eastern Conference. The fact of the matter is, the Bulls defence and Tom Thibodeau don’t get enough credit.

SG- Joe Johnson 

This guy is making franchise player bucks, and is for the most part considered a top 5 shooting guard, yet his Hawks seem to be stuck in a viscous circle year after year, taking an early exit from the playoffs.

If the Hawks want to get anywhere, Johnson either needs to learn how to close out games, or they need to find a new leader.

SF- Carmelo Anthony 

This one was a tough one. Carmelo is the most clutch player in the league, a fantastic scorer, and can be unbelievable at times.

However, he’s a bit overrated because he can only score. Defensively, he’s atrocious, and if he wants the Knicks to take the next step he needs to be more well-rounded and get his teammates more involved.

PF- Blake Griffin

It’s unbelievable how overrated this guy is. A couple of highlight reel dunks and this guy is classified as a top 5 power forward. He cannot shoot for his life, cannot play defence, and is not a leader whatsoever.

C- Serge Ibaka 

Ibaka can be classified as a power forward as well, but we’ll classify him as a center because he simply cannot be left off this list.

People seem to thing that being a good shotblocker is the same thing as being a good defender. Ibaka is one of the most overrated defensive players of all time. Put him on a low market team and this guy doesn’t get a second look as a top defensive player in this league.

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