Brandon Bass Steals The Ball And Posterizes Dwyane Wade In Game 7

Brandon Bass of the Boston Celtics is not seen as an above the rim player.  Late in the first half of Game 7, he set to prove that idea wrong.  He stole the ball from Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat and then decided to put him on a poster on the fast break.

Brandon Bass does not dunk often, but those dunks are just amazing.  Wade has been so careless early on that he deserved to get dunked on.  It might wake him up and get him to focus.  The Heat are so lackadaisical early on in the game that they should be getting dunked on.  You throw a bad pass and then get back on defense too slow.  Getting dunked on should be the punishment.

Not many people get dunked on by Brandon Bass.  Wade should be upset with himself for letting that happen.  Bass is an ok player but he is nothing special.  You do not need to gift wrap him points like that.  At least foul him to prevent the dunk from happening.  Instead, Wade decided to get embarrassed.

The Heat are going to have to play much better in the second half if they want to advance to the Finals.  The first half has not been their best effort.  Brandon Bass is doing whatever he wants and that is not good for Miami.  Having to worry about his offense will distract them from the Big 3 of Boston.  Not good.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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