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LeBron James Disproved His Doubters With A Dominating Series Against The Boston Celtics

I’d like to start this post off by apologizing to LeBron James of the Miami Heat.  LeBron, I was wrong about you.  I have been one of your biggest detractors for as long as you have been in the league.  You have so much talent, but you have never shown what you could really do.  Against the Boston Celtics, you changed my opinion of you once and for all.

I will never root for LeBron James to win a Finals.  I believe that you need villains in sport and LeBron easily fits into the black hat.  However, I have a tremendous amount of respect for him after his performance against Boston.  He dominated the last two games to advance to the Finals.  Not many thought LeBron could do it.  I certainly did not.

People will stay say that LeBron James is not clutch due to the fact none of the games were close down to the wire.  Do you know why Games 6 and 7 were not close?  LeBron James took the Boston Celtics out back and slapped them around for 96 minutes.  The game could never get close at the end because LeBron wouldn’t let.  His blitz against the Celtics in the beginning of the fourth on Saturday was insane.

The performance of LeBron James sets up an all out war against the Oklahoma City Thunder for the right to be called champions.  LeBron may fold again in the Finals.  I may even say he choked in the clutch.  However, if you ever need an example of how clutch the King can be, I only ask that you watch Games 6 and 7 against Boston.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.