Lebron James Raps Eminem Before Taking On Boston In Game 7

By Riley Schmitt

LeBron James of the Miami Heat might have his legacy on the line in Game 7 against the Boston Celtics but that has not stopped him from rapping before the game. When he was getting ready, LeBron broke out some bars from Eminem’s “The Way I Am.”

Here’s a sample of what LeBron James was dropping in front of the camera.

“Sometimes I just feel like my father, I hate to be bothered
With all of this nonsense it’s constant
And, “Oh, it’s his lyrical content –
– the song ‘Guilty Conscience’ has gotten such rotten responses”

Not a bad song choice by LeBron James.  Eminem is pretty good music to get fired up to.  I am actually kind of surprised he wasn’t listening to some Kanye West or Jay-Z.  LeBron is pretty tight with Jay, so I would figure that he would show him love in the pregame.  Oh well.

This game is going to be an absolute war.  The Heat need LeBron James to be at his best if they want to advance to the NBA Finals.  He had a great Game 6 but can he keep it up tonight?  If he fails, you can bet that people will be questioning him all over again.  It may not be fair but it will happen.

Such is the life of LeBron James.  You are hated and questioned for almost everything that you do.  Maybe that was why he chose Eminem before the game.  Kind of kindred spirits if you really think about it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports. 

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