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LeBron James Throws Down Alley Oop From Dwyane Wade In Game 7

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat can run the fast break with the best of them.  Late in the first half, the two were out on the break and it led to a massive LeBron dunk on the alley oop from Wade as the Boston Celtics could only watch.

LeBron James and Wade have turned the Heat into the “Flying Death Machine” on the break (shoutout to Matt Moore of CBS Sports for that nickname.)  It is so true.  If you let those two get a head of steam on the break, it is all over.  When the Heat start running, it is basically game over for everyone.

The Heat trail by seven at half and they are going to need more great plays from LeBron James.  He had 14 in the first half but went stretches without getting the ball.  Wade simply needs to wake up.  He has had some pretty bad plays in the first half that could end up costing the Heat in the long run.  You need to be as focused as you can be for a Game 7.  Any less than your best will send you home.

The second half is going to be absolutely great basketball.  Neither team wants to go home and they both want a shot for the title.  It will go down to the wire and LeBron James can save his legacy.  Well, he can at least start a new one sans choking.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.