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LeBron James With The Massive Chase Down Block On Rajon Rondo In Game 7


LeBron James of the Miami Heat is certainly a freak athlete.  He showed that early on in Game 7 when he chased down Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics and sent his layup flying into the stands.  After the block, Rondo himself went flying into the cameramen.

LeBron James has made the chase down block an art form.  They are beautiful to watch.  I am not a big fan of blocks like that because you do not gain anything from them.  If you were to tip it to a teammate, you could start a fast break.  However, blocks like this are just amazing to watch.  The power behind it is tremendous.

LeBron James is going to have to step up big for the Heat to advance to the Finals.  The Celtics are not going to back down, even in a slightly hostile environment.  Plays like this will get the Heat faithful involved in the game and maybe make it hard for Boston to compete.

The best part about this LeBron James block was that the momentum took Rondo out of bounds.  Luckily Rondo was fine, but it was funny to see him go spilling into the cameramen.  That is kind of a dangerous situation but he was able to shake it off and keep playing.  An underrated part of the block but still pretty cool to watch.

There will be more plays like this throughout this game.  It is going to be a war and there will only be one winner.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.