Miami Heat Have Fun Dancing In Locker Room After Game 7 Win Against Boston

By Riley Schmitt

The Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics in a great Game 7 to advance to the Finals to take on the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Heat are often seen as one of the cockiest teams on the planet.  It should come as no surprise that they were dancing in the locker room after their win.

I bet some people make a big deal out of this but I think it is really funny and ironic.  The Heat tend to whine when they think teams celebrate too much.  However, the Heat are like the kings of celebration.  They love celebrating.  I think it is great that they danced in the locker room and they will probably get defensive about it.

The Miami Heat should be dancing after that big win.  It was an absolute war against the Celtics.  The winner deserves to dance.  Heck, they should throw a party.  I mean, that tends to work out in the favor of the Heat, right?  Either way, it should be the last moment of fun before they prep to take on Thunder.

The Miami Heat might be one of the most hated teams in sport.  They are also one of the most talented.  If they are able to beat the Thunder, they will prove a lot of pundits wrong.  If they end up winning the title, I feel like they should dance until they physically can’t dance anymore.  At that point, they would really deserve it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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