NBA Miami Heat

The Miami Heat Should Not Even Consider Trading Dwyane Wade

It’s amazing how things changed for the Miami Heat in a matter of days!  After the Heat took the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals the Heat struggled losing the next three games to the Boston Celtics and grumblings of Dwyane Wade being traded started. The Heat went on to win game six convincingly and took over the fourth quarter of game seven to earn a trip to the NBA Finals to face the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Yet, even if the Heat had lost the series would the Heat actually consider trading Wade? The Heat would receive a number of talented players for him and would be able to build the team around Lebron James and Chris Bosh. The Heat could acquire in the trade a consistent three point shooter, which would make it harder to double team either James or Bosh and another possibility would be to acquire a center in which the Heat could play a high-low with Bosh or could become the focal point of the offense while giving James a breather.

There’s no reason for the Heat to even be entertaining the thought of trading Wade in the offseason. A trade means having to start from scratch and build chemistry with the acquired players. A healthy Bosh showed why he’s important to James and Wade and if the Heat don’t win the Finals against the Thunder. The Heat should be looking to upgrade the team’s weaknesses, which  don’t have anything to do with James, Wade, or Bosh.  Those weaknesses are a lack of depth, three point shooting and needing a center.

So, in the offseason the Heat should definitely be looking to upgrade their bench which consists of Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller and Norris Cole. Miller brought in for his ability from beyond the arc and has struggled with injuries in the two seasons he’s been with the Heat, Shane Battier is inconsistent from three, Mario Chalmers is the Heat’s best starter percentage wise from three and James Jones is an outstanding three point shooter, yet doesn’t get much playing time.  The Heat also should look for an upgrade at center as Joel Anthony would make a great backup at center because of his outstanding defense and this season he was the Heat’s starting center again an upgrade that could be looked at in free agency.

When a team loses three games in-a-row like the Heat did against the Celtics there will be people jumping the gun and believing the worst. That usually means believing drastic changes are necessary and in this case the notion of Wade being traded. The idea of trading Wade is ridiculous with the Heat making the NBA Finals and what the Heat should do in the offseason is to look for more depth, acquire more consistent perimeter threats and add a center.