Memphis Grizzlies To Be Sold For Around 350 Million Dollars

By Riley Schmitt

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The Memphis Grizzlies look to finally have a new owner.  Michael Heisley has apparently found someone to buy the team and the price is going to be around a cool 350 million dollars.  Not exactly a bad cashout for Heisley and company.  Robert Pera, a communications magnate, is the guy who is going to be taking over the team.

The Memphis Grizzlies have been rumored to be sold for years.  It has finally come to fruition without any of the ugliness that tends to happen when teams get sold.  The team is on the rise so it is a good time to sell while the interest is high.  They could be title contenders if they make a couple more moves to shore up the roster.  They have a decent roster but it does need some tweaks to it.

After starting out in Vancouver, the Memphis Grizzlies have slowly but surely became a consistent playoff threat.  They went on a run last year that almost pushed them into the Western Conference Finals.  They fell short, but they continue to look like a team that could be a darkhorse title contender.

The sale could run into problems, as nothing is finalized yet.  However, it looks like a new era in Memphis Grizzlies history is about to begin.  I am excited to watch where it goes.  They have all the talent, now they just need a little bit of a boost to make the Finals.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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