Mickael Pietrus Interrupts Brandon Bass Interview To Thank Boston Celtics Fans

By Riley Schmitt


Mickael Pietrus of the Boston Celtics is apparently a weird dude.  After the Celtics were defeated by the Miami Heat in a hard fought Game 7, his teammate Brandon Bass was doing an interview with Mike Gorman and Brian Scalabrine.  During this, Pietrus came up and did his own thing during the interview.

Mickael Pietrus took the time to thank all of the Celtics fans and he said the team would be back fighting for a title the next season.  It gets kind of hard to understand him due to his accent, but I think that is what he was attempting to say.  After he said his bit, he walked away.  Bass, Gorman, and Scal all burst out laughing at this.

When Bass was asked about this by Gorman, he simply responded “Yeah, that’s Mickael Pietrus.”   Sounds about right.  After watching his play during the series, you could see the talent he has, but he also makes a lot of mistakes.  He just generally seems like kind of an odd dude.  That is not a bad thing, but he’s just a bit off center.

I think the Celtics were hoping to get a bit more from Pietrus during this series, but he did have some big moments in Game 5.  At that point, most people though the Celtics were going to advance but the Heat had different ideas.

This could have been the last game of the Big 3 era in Boston.  Hopefully they keep Mickael Pietrus around for laughs though.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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