Charles Barkley Would Become The Philadelphia 76ers General Manager If The Job Was Offered To Him

By Riley Schmitt

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Charles Barkley has become one of basketball’s rising stars as a broadcaster.  However, the former star still feels a connection to the Philadelphia 76ers, the team that most people connect his playing career too.  According to some, Barkley would take the open 76ers GM job if the job was offered to him.

Charles Barkley as a guy in charge of a basketball team?  That would certainly be worth the headlines.  However, I am not sure that Barkley would be great at evaluating talent.  He is smart when it comes to basketball, but I am not sure that he can do the day to day job that a GM does.  There is more to it than just picking players.

I honestly think that with time, Charles Barkley could make a very good GM.  He has the passion for basketball and he holds nothing back.  That could run him into some problems, but I think that attitude would be refreshing.  Most executives in basketball are reserved and speak in cliches.  I would think that it would be a safe bet to say Barkley wouldn’t do that.  He would certainly make the lives of beat reporters more intersting.

I think this has a very small chance of happening, but that does not mean we can’t hope for it.  Charles Barkley as a GM would be great, but I think a lot of people would miss him on Inside the NBA.  I guess that would be a small tradeoff in order to have Chuck in charge of a team.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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