Kevin Durant Throws Down Nasty Dunk On Chris Bosh In Game 1 Of NBA Finals

By Riley Schmitt

Kevin Durant is basically the only reason the Oklahoma City Thunder are even close to the Miami Heat through one half of Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  He has done it all for the team, including throwing down a nasty dunk amongst Joel Anthony and Chris Bosh.

People tend to forget how tall Kevin Durant actually is.  Dunking should be commonplace for him, but most people see him as a jump shooter, which isn’t wrong.  However, he can throw it down when he wants to and he can do it with authority.  Poor Bosh has only been back for a couple of games and he is getting dunked on.

Kevin Durant is going to have to keep this up if the Thunder are going to win.  His teammates are just not bringing it right now.  The Heat are playing great on offense and the Thunder just can’t keep up right now.  However, it is early.  A lot of basketball still will be played and it should be entertaining.  The Thunder will make a run and I’m hoping it goes down to the wire.

KD is capable of going off for a lot of points.  In fact, I hope he does.  If he gets into a scoring battle with the Heat, I think every basketball fan on the planet wins with that.  This is probably the best matchup we have had in the Finals in a long time.  I want a long series so we can savor it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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