Mike Miller Denies Report That Mike Miller Will Retire After The Season

By Riley Schmitt

Mike Miller of the Miami Heat is moving like he is about 50 years old these days.  This had lead to speculation from ESPN and other outlets that he will retire after the Heat play the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals.  However, this has been denied by a pretty good source.  Mike Miller himself said he will not retire after the Finals.

The text message was swift and to the point, only minutes after ESPN reported that he had said these NBA Finals could be the final two weeks of his career.

“What!!!!” was the text message reply from Miami Heat forward Mike Miller to the Sun Sentinel.

A few minutes later, after [Miller] had the chance to get to others who had made him aware of the report, came a phone call. “I’m not retiring,” he told the Sun Sentinel. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

If Mike Miller does decide to keep playing, I have no idea how he can do it.  He is just broken down beyond belief.  He certainly isn’t the player the Heat thought they were signing two offseasons ago.  He just doesn’t have the ability to be consistent anymore.  Every time he walks or runs, it looks like he might keel over.

I’ve always enjoyed Mike Miller, but I think it might be time for him to hang it up.  However, if he does keep playing, I hope he can finally get healthy.  When he is healthy, he can be one of the more versatile forwards in the league.  Not many three point shooters can rebound like him when healthy.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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