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Mike Tyson Sings Ode To Miami Heat Forward LeBron James On Jimmy Kimmel

Mike Tyson is one hilarious dude.  Before Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Jimmy Kimmel had a video of Tyson singing his song “LeBron” in honor of Miami Heat forward LeBron James.  Anything involving Tyson is hilarious, but this is just over the top.

I wonder if this will inspire LeBron to dominate the Oklahoma City Thunder.  A little extra motivation can never hurt.  Maybe he can get Mike Tyson to show up to a few games to really shock the Thunder into submission.  Remember, this isn’t your parents Mike Tyson.  He has mellowed out in recent years and seems to be a pretty funny guy.

He always has some funny moments on the Kimmel show and this song is pretty funny.  I don’t think anyone will ever mistake it for a future hit song, but it is good for its purpose.  I imagine that Mike Tyson put a lot of work into that song and I bet he had a blast with it.  If we could get him to do concerts, that would be the best thing out of this.

Game 1 of the Finals is going to be amazing to watch.  I think Mike Tyson has given us just a little bit of a boost before the games.  He is on the preshow and he is certainly increasing the hype.  After listening to that song, I can only hope the game can live up to the musical stylings of Mr. Mike Tyson.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.