Boston Celtics Free Agent Kevin Garnett Is Top Priority

The Boston Celtics have a lot of questions to answer heading into this offseason of change. One question that should not even be a question in my mind is whether to bring free agent center Kevin Garnett back for another two years. I am not a sentimentalist. When it is time for a guy to go, I will be the first to say time to go. However, now is not the time for Kevin Garnett to leave Boston. Kevin Garnett needs to return to Boston and Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge must do whatever it takes to keep number five in Boston.

The fact is KG is one of the best free agent options this year for a reason. The man is still a game changer at both ends of the floor. The 2012 playoffs clearly showed how good KG still is at the offensive end. The man recorded double doubles like I consume popcorn at the movies. He has solid inside moves and that sweet fifteen foot jump shot is still on the money time and time again.

The defensive end is where there are zero questions on KG. He is still a master of doubling a the right time and still making his man vanish. He also can control the boards like few in the NBA can. Considering how poor Boston was rebounding the ball with KG, I shutter to think how bad they would be without him.

However, the reason KG must be resigned has nothing to do with his play on the court. I watched in 2008 Kevin Garnett change the culture of Boston. As Paul Pierce said, he held everyone on the team accountable and dedicated to the cause of another championship banner. The impact of KG was this laughing stock franchise became NBA elite. KG still holds guys accountable. He still demands everything a player has. He still brings desire for one more title.

This attitude is infectious. The Boston Celtics are going to bring in more young talent. If KG is here to mentor and set the tone for these guys, the Boston Celtics will be better for it. How much better will these two first round picks be with KG in their ears? How much better will they be watching KG pay the price in the weight room and during practice and knowing that this is what it takes to be a champion? The answer is immeasurably better.

Danny Ainge does have choices to make, but this one is as easy as it is for Rajon Rondo to know to throw the ball into KG for an easy flush. KG needs to come back. It may take ten to eleven million for two years, but that would be worth every single penny. No brings what KG brings to the table on the free agent market or perhaps the entire NBA. The good news is KG is loyal to Doc Rivers and loves the city of Boston. This means he could stick around at about that kind of money so the team can still have the cap room to make the changes to be a contender. I just hope Ainge realizes this and gives the man the love he deserves. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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