Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Fined $25,000.00 By NBA

By Rob Nelson

One of the many rules for the NBA players is that they are required to make themselves available to the media after every playoff game. Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett was quite angry over the loss of game seven of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and ddi not feel like talking so he bolted the arena immediately following the game before the media could get their piece of the “Big Ticket”. Today KG was told he would have to pay for not talking to the media by being fined $25,000.00 by the NBA league offices.

KG has made hundreds of millions of dollars over his career. Last year alone he was a max contract guy and made about 20 million before endorsement money like the loot he gets from his sweet deal with Gatorade or shoe deal with the chinese shoe company Anta. I am somehow guessing that KG could care less about the $25,000.00. KG was angry and no one tells an angry KG what to do particularly the knights of David Stern. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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