David Stern Gets Angry With Jim Rome Asking About Fixed Draft Lottery, Stern Asks If Rome Beats His Wife

David Stern has always dealt with questions about whether or not certain parts of the NBA are rigged.  If I was him, I would really be upset with people constantly asking this stuff.  However, Jim Rome plugged ahead and asked Stern if he rigged the lottery.  In order to put Rome in his place, Stern asked Rome if he still beat his wife.

I don’t think that Rome actually beats his wife but David Stern wanted to make that moment as awkward as possible.  That certainly distracts from the fixed lottery talk.  Nothing like talking about spousal abuse to get the publicity away from you.  Stern could have answered that in a more humane way, but whatever.  He does what he wants these days.

David Stern is often accused of being out of touch and over the hill.  Asking a loaded question like this certainly will not distract people from those issues.  He used to be a great commissioner but he lost his fastball awhile ago.  He needs to step down.  The controversy surrounding him and his league never seem to stop these days.

I am sure that this clip will make the Internet rounds.  David Stern has his enemies that are always looking for ways to take him down.  Asking a reporter if he beats his wife is kind of a big piece of ammo for the haters.  It was a way to make the question seem absurd, but I think Stern looks worse off.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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