Dream Team Documentary Released On NBA TV In Honor Of 20 Year Anniversary

By Riley Schmitt


With the 20th anniversary of the inaugural Dream Team coming up soon, there is nothing better than a Dream Team documentary.  For those who do not know what the Dream Team is, it was the USA Olympic basketball for the 1992 Summer Olympics.  It was the first time that the USA sent pros over to play in the Olympics.

Thanks to @Jose3030, we have the Dream Team documentary here on Rant Sports.  It is a great video with all sorts of stuff that has never been seen before.  I have heard about the legendary scrimmages that the team had, but watching all of them happen is great.

If you are Chicago Bulls fan, the parts about Isiah Thomas and Toni Kukoc are going to interest you.  Isiah was basically blackballed from the team thanks to Michael Jordan.  Poor Kukoc and Croatia were dominated by Jordan and Scottie Pippen, due to the Bulls giving Kukoc more money than they gave Pippen.

Make sure you check out more videos from Jose as well.  If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you are missing out.  Plenty of NBA highlights to go around in a timely fashion, which is pretty friggin sweet.

The Dream Team documentary is something that every sports fan can enjoy.  The collection of talent was phenomenal.  We will never see anything like that again.  They set the stage for every USA basketball team that came after it.  It was a great moment in basketball and I am glad we finally have a comprehensive documentary about it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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