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Kevin Durant Poster Dunks On Shane Battier In Transition In Game 2

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder is one special player.  Even though he was saddled with five fouls, he was still aggressive enough to go up and slam it on Shane Battier of the Miami Heat to cut the Heat lead to eight in the fourth quarter.

I should stop being shocked by awesome plays by Kevin Durant, but he adds something new every single time he steps on the court.  There are about two players in the league who could pull that play off.  Durant made it look stupid easy.  Poor Battier had no idea what happened on that.  That was the definition of a poster dunk.  You will see that one being sold everywhere.

Kevin Durant has been quiet all of Game 2, but he looks like he is starting to feel it in the fourth quarter.  He has five fouls, but that has not slowed him up.  You have to stay aggressive and he is doing just that.  That play is one of the best plays of the playoffs and not a lot of people would think that KD could dunk like that.

This game should come down to the final minute and it is going to be great to watch.  If Kevin Durant can keep making plays like that, you can not beat the Thunder.  He is just too good.  This would be one of the best comebacks of KD’s career and it would certainly keep adding to his legacy.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.