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NBA Rumors: Charlotte Bobcats Could Draft North Carolina Star Harrison Barnes

The NBA Draft is just around the corner, which means a lot of NBA rumors are going to be flying in the next couple of weeks.  The Charlotte Bobcats look to have a lot of rumors flying around them as no one is sure what they will do with the second pick in the draft.  The latest rumor has the Bobcats taking UNC star Harrison Barnes with the pick.

Barnes did struggle to create his own shot all year. He looked a step slow and clearly needs to tighten up his handle. He has lost some weight which I think has helped his explosiveness. How NBA teams use this information in conjunction with everything else will be interesting. I wonder if this will tip the scales for the Cavs at No. 4. Im also hearing rumblings that Barnes may be in the mix with the Bobcats at No. 2.

I do not think the Bobcats should take Harrison Barnes with the second pick.  He just does not fit into the Bobcats offense and it would be a waste of pick at 2.  If you trade down, pick up a player or a pick, and take him at like 6 or 7, then it works out better.

The overhype of Harrison Barnes might have hurt him in college and he could become a great pro.  I just would not be comfortable taking him with the second pick in the draft.  The Bobcats would better off taking Thomas Robinson at two if they plan on staying there.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.