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After Game 2 Of The NBA Finals, The LeBron James Clutch Argument Should Die

The age old question these days is this.  Is LeBron James clutch?  Why yes, yes he is.  People are so obsessed with the stupid narrative that they fail to see how great the Miami Heat star really is.  If LeBron James was not clutch, the Heat lose Game 2.

The Heat are up 95-91.  LeBron takes and makes a ridiculous bank shot for a six point lead with under two minutes left.  Sounds pretty clutch.  Example 1 of a LeBron James clutch gene.  Don’t worry, there are more examples.

The Heat are up by two with seven seconds left.  LeBron James at the line for two big free throws.  He went cash money on both of them.  Example 2 of the LeBron James clutch gene.  Game, set, match.

If you still believe that there is no such thing as the LeBron James clutch gene, please stop watching basketball.  It becomes obvious that you are only obsessed with the stupid narrative and fail to appreciate what he brings to the game.  Hands down, he is the most TALENTED player to ever step on the court.

Notice I did not say best.  I said talented.  He could be MJ, but he is not wired like him.  He just does not have that killer instinct.  He might develop something like it, but it won’t be like MJ.

Appreciate LeBron James and stop worrying about if he is clutch.  If you watch the games, you can see all the great things that he does.  The narrative should be dead after Game 2.

Riley Schmitt is a writer forRant Sports.