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Ronny Turiaf And Chris Bosh Fail To Hook Up On A High Five During Game 2

Chris Bosh has had a great return to action for the Miami Heat, but it has killed the minutes that Ronny Turiaf was getting.  Turiaf does not seem to be upset about it as he went to share a high five with Bosh late in the first half of the Heat’s Game 2 win.  Unfortunately, this professional athletes seem to struggle with that simple task.

It is a good thing that those two are not paid to have good hand eye coordination.  Oh wait.  That is just straight up embarrassing.  They look they have never attempted a high five in their lives.  It was a great moment on TV and at this point, it looked the Heat were going to roll in Game 2.  That wasn’t the case, but getting a big win was great.

This could serve as a lesson for all sports figures everywhere.  Just stick to the chest bump or the fist bump.  It is a lot easier to pull and the chance that you look like a moron on national television will drop.  I am sure that Ronny Turiaf and Chris Bosh wish they could have connected on that high five.  Otherwise, you just look bad.  You are both athletes.  Simple hand eye coordination stuff should be commonplace for you.

At least that was not a sign for things to come in Game 2.  The series is tied at one and it heads to Miami Sunday night for Game 3.  Hopefully high five fails can be avoided.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.