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Why Do The Miami Heat Constantly Scream At Mario Chalmers?

Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat is a pretty average point guard who happens to be in a very good situation.  He gets open shots from the Big 3 and he gets to play with some great players.  However, with the abuse he takes from his teammates, I am not sure how much he enjoys it.

Mario Chalmers is about as inconsistent as you can get, which does not bode well for the Heat.  If you get erratic play from Chalmers, you are taking plays away from LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.  Just watch how his teammates react to him a game.  If there is a bad play, you can bet one of those three guys is going to be screaming at Mario Chalmers.

It might be a way to deflect blame or release frustration, but I think Mario Chalmers might be yelled at by his teammates more than any other player in history.  LeBron doesn’t miss a chance to yell at Mario, but he seems to struggle with getting on Wade’s case when he is struggling.

In Game 2, Bosh screamed at Mario Chalmers like he stole from him.  That was the most emotion that Bosh has probably ever shown.  Chalmers is so used to this by now that he just continues walking.  He gets screamed at least once a game.

This seems to be “little brother syndrome” with Chalmers and the Heat.  Out of all the starters, he is by far the youngest and he has the least amount of accolades.  When he does something good, the praise seems to never come.  When he screws up, you certainly know he screwed up.  His teammates make that perfectly clear.

Mario Chalmers can be a pretty good player.  Maybe his teammates will one day stop screaming at him and realize that.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.