Joey Crawford Once Again Becomes Focal Point After NBA Finals Game

By Riley Schmitt

Joey Crawford is one of the longest tenured refs in the NBA and has a habit of drawing big game assignments.  He also has a habit of making some curious calls in tight moments that make a lot of fans hate him.  In Game 3 of the Oklahoma City ThunderMiami Heat series, Crawford was once again in the thick of things.

Joey Crawford called a couple of very questionable fouls on Kevin Durant that turned the tide of the game in favor of Miami.  It seems like his issue is that he anticipates fouls instead of actually seeing them.  It is an issue that affects a lot of refs.  Instead of making sure there is a foul, they decide to call the foul before the contact.

It is a bad thing for the league when Joey Crawford is constantly trending on Twitter after he games he ends up reffing.  You do not want people to think your league is fixed but you have a ref out there who seems to favor one team.  I personally do not think the league is fixed.  It has too much money riding on it to be a fixed institution.  However, I do think that refs need to be held more accountable.

We will see Joey Crawford at least two more times in this series, I bet.  If he has another questionable game, you can bet the conspiracy theorists will be out in full force.  Not a good look for the league.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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