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NBA Atlanta Hawks

Kevin Durant And James Harden Hook Up On Alley Oop In Game 3


For the second straight game, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder has found himself in foul trouble.  Also for the second straight game, he has decided to make some amazing plays in the fourth quarter.  He threw down this sweet dunk with an assist from lazy Miami Heat defense and a good pass by James Harden.

The pass could have been a bad one for anyone but Kevin Durant.  His arms just do not end.  They keep going and going and going.  That was an incredible bit of jumping for him to get up and throw that ball down.  This is shaping up to be a great finish once again and plays like that could decide the game.

I feel bad for people that have to try to guard Kevin Durant in transition.  He is just too good at what he does to guard effectively.  He has those long arms and long legs.  The arms allow him to make shots from about every angle and his stride is so long, it takes him no time at all to actually get to the bucket.

If the Thunder plan on winning Game 3, Kevin Durant is going to have to put everything on the line once again.  He may not get open dunk attempts like this anymore, but a play like that could be a big momentum booster for his team.  If it comes down to the wire, expect Durant to be the one making the play.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.