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NBA Rumors: Brandon Roy making a comeback; are Lakers interested?

The rumor mill has been churning at 110mph in the past month as the Los Angeles Lakers head into an offseason full of uncertainty.

Numerous names, including Deron Williams, Lamar Odom and Dwight Howard, have found their way into conversations regarding players who could potentially be joining Kobe Bryant and Co. in Los Angeles. There is, however, one name that has stood above the rest this offseason as a possible future acquisition for the Lakers: former Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard Brandon Roy.

Now more than ever, though, it seems like a Bryant-Roy partnership could be in the works.

Via his former Trail Blazers teammate Will Conroy’s Twitter account, Roy announced yesterday that he would indeed be making a comeback after retiring in 2011 due to the degradation of his knees.

“B roy says ‘thanks for all the love he received last night via Twitter, and he promises to keep his fans to speed on his comeback process’,” Conroy tweeted.

Conroy also mentioned the possibility of Roy joining the Lakers, but was unclear regarding his former teammate’s interest in donning the purple and gold jersey.

Despite this promising situation, there are still some lingering concerns regarding Roy’s potential return to the NBA.

The former Trail Blazer retired for a reason: his knees were falling apart. And especially when it’s concerning the Lakers, knee problems are big. The Lakers have already had to endure knee issues with Bryant and Andrew Bynum. Although both seemed to bounce back this past season, adding a player of Roy’s talent only to watch his knees crumble under the pressure would be a bad way to continue ushering in a new era of Lakers basketball.

Roy is scheduled to participate in a Pro-Am tournament this weekend, which he could use to showcase his capable knees (or lack thereof). If he can come out and perform without any issues, Roy could quickly become an intriguing option for the Lakers, who desperately need some extra offensive firepower off of the bench.

There’s still plenty of time to let this situation develop, but it’s definitely worth noting that Roy is ready to make a comeback. If the Lakers really are in the mix and Roy really is healthy, this offseason could get interesting in a hurry.

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