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Boston Celtics Jeff Green Has Agent Pumping Him Up

The Boston Celtics have made it very clear that they wish to resign their own free agent forward Jeff Green. Despite the fact that Green missed all of last year with a serious heart ailment, his upside of being an athletic scorer to pair with young star guard Rajon Rondo is just too tempting to pass up on for Boston. Green’s possible scoring is particularly a need for Boston after struggling to find scoring in the playoffs this year. One would think after missing all of last year with this condition added to the fact that Green struggled in Boston after being acquired in the 2011 season that Boston would be able to keep their player at a discounted rate, but clearly Green’s agent David Falk has his clients best interest in mind. Here are some of his comments from the recent sports illustrated.

“With the possible exception of (Brooklyn point guard) Deron Williams, I think that Jeff will probably be the No. 1 unrestricted free agent on the market,” Falk said. “It’s not like we have LeBron (James) and (Dwyane) Wade and all these guys floating around.

“I’d be very surprised if Deron Williams winds up anywhere besides Dallas or New Jersey (Brooklyn). So the next guy in the pecking order is Jeff Green.”

“I know that (the Celtics) want Jeff to come back, from (general manager) Danny (Ainge) to the owners to Doc and to his teammates,” said Falk of Green, who was drafted fifth overall by Boston out of Georgetown in 2007 as part of a draft-night trade with Seattle (now Oklahoma City). “He loves Boston. We’re waiting to see what happens with KG, what happens with Ray…There are other teams that could be very, very interesting to him around the league that will also have cap room.”

Falk said the “life-changing experience” with Green’s heart is likely to change the way he plays, too.

“The only thing — in my opinion — that was holding him back before was his extreme unselfishness,” Falk said. “I think the medial situation won’t make him selfish, but it will just give him a much greater sense of urgency.

“He had something that he loves almost taken away from him. I truly believe that — more than any pep talk from (his former Georgetown) coach (John) Thompson or from (Celtics coach) Doc Rivers, I think that the experience will give him a much greater sense of urgency on the court. I think he’ll be better than ever, because I think he’ll be much more focused on getting the job done.”

“We’ve picked out three or four teams, of which Boston is one, that he has a high level of interest in talking to,” Falk said. “I would say that Boston is the incumbent, but I’ve learned in this business not to assume things. Nothing is guaranteed.”

This is typical agent talk. Of course Falk is gong to play up his client. His job is to get him the best deal possible. If he made it clear he was resigning in Boston, then he would have zero leverage and be forced to take whatever Boston offered. His job is to say the right comments like his client is 100 percent, their is other interest from the rest of the NBA, he is hungry to prove how good he can be, and of course the he is undecided about returning to Boston. In one interview Falk tried to dismiss every knock on Green and pronounce him a player ready to be a star.

My money is on Green returning to Boston. He will probably make a little more than Danny Ainge wants to pay him, but the Celtics clearly could use Green and his scoring on the roster. I just hope this is not a long drawn out process with more of this agent using the media garbage to negotiate. Stay tuned for more updates here at Rant Sports. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!