Oklahoma City Thunder Forward Serge Ibaka Calls Out LeBron James' Defense

By Riley Schmitt

Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder is one of the best shot blockers in the league, but he hasn’t been getting minutes in the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals.  Monday, he took a shot at LeBron James and his defense.  Trust me, calling out the star of the Miami Heat for his defense is a bad move.

LeBron is not a good defender,” Ibaka said about the player who received the most votes for the league’s all-defensive team, which is selected by the coaches.

“He can play defense for two to three minutes but not 48 minutes.”

“LeBron can’t play (Durant) one-on-one,” Ibaka said. “They’re playing good defense like a team.”

Whatever Serge Ibaka is under the influence,  I want it in large doses.  LeBron is one of the best defenders in the history of the league.  He guard every position for a little bit of time.  To say that he is not a good defender is just a horrible misstatement.  That clearly is not a misquote either.  I guess Ibaka wants to motivate LeBron even more.

I am sure the last thing in the world that LeBron needed is more motivation.  I have heard people take shots at LeBron’s crunch time chops or his jump shot, but never his defense.  It seems like Serge Ibaka is poking the sleeping bear.  Note to Serge:  Leave the bear alone.  LeBron is already torching your team, don’t give him another reason to.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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