James Harden Choked Away Game 4 For The Oklahoma City Thunder

By Riley Schmitt

James Harden can be a great player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but these NBA Finals have been awful for him.  In Game 4, Harden’s play cost his team and it looks like the Miami Heat are going to win the title.

People will harp on Russell Westbrook and his incredibly stupid late foul, but the kid played out of his mind.  James Harden was tentative, he was scared, and he was brutal.  If he does not score in bunches, he is about as bad as you can get.  He made two shots out of the ten he took.  He turned the ball over four times.  He blew wide open shots.

John Starks and Nick Anderson can not believe how bad James Harden played in such a huge game.  You win Game 4, all the pressure falls on Miami.  The Heat can now close out at home, which is a big deal.  Harden was unable to help his team, which is why the rumors of him getting traded are starting to make sense.

The Thunder are not dead yet, but they clearly are on life support.  If they do not get anything from James Harden, they are not going to do anything against the Heat.  Durant and Westbrook can not do everything themselves.  Harden needs to shake this play off if he wants to be remembered in a good light this series.

I like James Harden and how he plays, but he shrunk in crunch time.  Too bad.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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