Kevin Durant Throws Down A Massive Dunk On Udonis Haslem In Game 5 Of NBA Finals

By Riley Schmitt

Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder are facing elimination in Game 5 but that hasn’t stopped KD from having a great first quarter.  The Thunder trail the Miami Heat, but Durant decided that he wanted to put Udonis Haslem on a poster.

People often underestimate how high Durant can fly.  That dunk right there was imply incredible.  There was no chance of anybody getting up there and trying to block it.  Durant has those long arms and he is going to go over anyone in his way.  That is what you call dropping the hammer on someone.

The Thunder are going to need a lot more plays like this from Kevin Durant.  He hasn’t had a great game since Game One and the Thunder can not win without him at his best.  He needs put together a performance that makes people pause.  This is where you make your mark in history.

The Thunder are not dead.  If they win Game 5, they get the next two games at home where anything can happen.  People wrote them off earlier.  There is no reason to believe that they can not prove everyone wrong again.  I am hoping this series extends because the play is so great.

Kevin Durant reminded people of how good he really is.  This dunk might be his last highlight of the Finals, but I certainly hope not.  If this series does not go seven games, all of us basketball fans lose as a result.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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