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LeBron James Wins First NBA Title As The Miami Heat Beat The Oklahoma City Thunder In 2012 NBA Finals

LeBron James finally shut up his haters as he led the Miami Heat to the NBA title Thursday night as they beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games.  James dominated the entire series and played the best basketball of his career.  He threw up a triple double in Game 5 and basically had his way with the Thunder defense.

The guy almost averaged a triple double and was making passes that not many people can make.  Comparing him to Magic Johnson is probably the most accurate thing you can do.  He makes everyone around him better without even trying.

A lot of people did not want LeBron James to succeed and I was one of those people for a long time.  However, this LeBron is a different version than we are used to.  This LeBron embraces his gift and he dominates people in the post.  He doesn’t settle for stupid jumpers and he uses his superior size and skill to crush the wills of other teams.

This day was going to come eventually.  The Heat looked like a buzzsaw once Chris Bosh came back from injury.  They were pushed to the brink but they were able to recover and run through the Thunder, even after the Thunder took Game 1.  James had amazing moments in every game, cementing himself as the best player in all of basketball.

I think it is time that people get over LeBron James and The Decision.  He even admitted that he acted poorly last season.  He certainly deserved to win this title and he finally sheds the reputation as being a choker who won’t win a ring.

You can hate LeBron James, but do not hate how he plays.  The man is simply dominant right now.  There is not a player on the planet who can stop and that is why he has a ring.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.