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Mike Miller Has Great Game 5 In 2012 NBA Finals To Help Heat Win Title In What Could Be His Last Game

Believe it or not, but Mike Miller was extremely key in the Miami Heat winning the NBA title in five games over the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Miller has battled chronic pain the entires season, but he shook it off for four big first half three pointers which gave the Heat a big lead.

Mike Miller looked god awful on the floor all season.  I mean, he had some good plays and games where his shot went in, but he looked like he was in agony.  His back is betraying him, which is sad to see.  He used to be surprisingly athletic, but he just can’t hold up anymore.

If you would have told me that Mike Miller was going to go 7 for 8 on threes in a closeout game, I would have laughed at you.  I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

I would not be shocked if Mike Miller retires before the start of next season.  He can finally rest his back and he has a ring to go home with.  He would be going out on top after a fantastic final game.  That is exactly how you would want to write yourself out of the league.  Going out on his own terms would be a great thing to see.

Miller was not the guy they thought the signed in 2010.  However, he came up big when the team needed him.  He fought through tremendous pain in order to give his team a chance to win.  If he walks away from the game, this will be what we remember about him.  Well, that and the fact that he looks like a homeless person in desperate need of a shower.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.