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Scott Brooks And His Rotation Hurt The Oklahoma City In The 2012 NBA Finals

Scott Brooks might be a decent basketball at some point, but his rotations and steadfast refusal to change hurt the Oklahoma City Thunder as they lost to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.  Brooks did some good things, but his rotations were just abysmal.

The Kendrick Perkins experience in Oklahoma City is probably over.  He might get amnestied in the offseason and for a good reason.  He was not just bad in the Finals, he was beyond useless.  BEYOND USELESS.  Yet Brooks kept trotting him out there as a starter and making sure they ran plays for him.  Stupid move right there.

The refusal to play a small lineup is also a huge mistake by Scott Brooks.  The traditional lineup does not match up with Miami.  However, he never adjusted.  He kept trotting out that same lineup and it never seemed to work.

The Heat played one heck of a series and they seemed to be the better team.  They were killing the Thunder from the perimeter and LeBron James was doing whatever he wanted.  However, the Thunder never adjusted to front LeBron, which proved to be their downfall.  Waiting until Game 5 to start seriously double teaming him probably did not help either.

This raises a lot of questions for Scott Brooks.  Will the Thunder retain him?  The two parties have been haggling over a contract extension.  I would be wary about extending him.  Send a feeler out to Phil Jackson or Jerry Sloan.  At least those two wouldn’t freeze up on the big stage.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.