Shane Battier Was The X Factor In The 2012 NBA Finals

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Shane Battier was a deadman walking for most of the season.  However, the Miami Heat forward stepped up big in the 2012 NBA Finals as the Heat knocked out the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games.  Without Battier, it is possible that the Heat do not win the series.

I can not say enough the 180 that Shane Battier did from the regular season to the Finals.  He simply could not miss from downtown.  In Game 5, it seemed like Battier would make a big shot every time the Thunder would make a run.  That happened in almost every game.  Battier was the extra player that the Heat needed to step up.

If your title hopes are coming down to Shane Battier playing well, I would imagine that you were in big trouble.  That was not the case for the Heat, as they ran through the Thunder thanks to Battier.  The games were all close sans Game 5.  Battier did his part in making sure that LeBron James was going to win his first title.

Battier is also the second player from Duke to win a NBA title.  The first was Danny Ferry, but I am pretty sure he doesn’t count.  Battier actually did something to help his team win, while Ferry rode the bench.  That is what is impressive about this.  No one thought that Shane Battier would play a role in these Finals.  He certainly made a lot of people look like idiots, myself included.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.